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From the beginning, we are focused on the development and supply products that can be satisfied with the needs of our customers at any time.

Since 2000, we have focused on the development of bottle cleaner supplements to compensate the drawbacks of the function on the alcohol and liquor Industry, consequently we get a good result and we are leading the bottle cleaner supplements in the alcohol and liquor Industry.

All employees of NURI CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. will always try to develop the high quality and environmentally friendly products that can be satisfied the needs of customers in the international market.

2016.10 Developed Nike aluminum & nano-coat aluminum cleaner
2016.07 Developed SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS smart phone watch cleaner
2015.02 Developed additives for automobile radiator
2013.04 Developed SAMSUNG ELECTRICITY smart phone glass resin cleaner
2013.01 Developed HANKOOK TIRE mold cleaner
2012.10 Developed alternative cleaning agent for solvent
2010.11 Developed LED Back Light unit cleaner
2010.03 Developed cleaner for heat-treated glass
2004.04 Developed copper cleaner and silver cleaner
2002.01 Developed glass bottle cleaner and conveyor chain lubricant
2001.08 Developed Scale removal and depressing agent
1996.03 Developed Cleaner for Nuclear Power Plant
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