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  • Degreaser/Fat remover

Nurichemicals powder type degreaser(Fat remover) functionates to remove mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils and polymerized oil on the materials quickly. It is mainly semi-alkaline and possible to neutrality, strong alkaline and acid as needed.

Product Method Treatment Condition Special Feature
Concentration Temperature Time
NR-2208 Spray 3% 45~50℃ 2~3min. Automotive parts
NR-4408 Spray 3% 45~50℃ 2~3min. Phosphate chemical processing, Low foam
NR-5508 Spray 3% 45~50℃ 2~3min. Steel and galvanized steel
NR-6608 Spray 3% 45~50℃ 2~3min. Automotive
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