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Nurichemicals Oil field product can solve the problem that heavy scale, crude oil contaminants, sludge in pipe and pump-jack for a long time. NR-SR is strong Acid, but safe to human body : easy to waste disposal, easy to use. And non-flammable and effective remover of heavy scale and rust. NR-OPC is neutrality and biodegradable : easy to waste disposal. And Powerful cleaner whose effective wetting agent and penetrating action enables rapid removal of oils, oil residue and contaminants.

Product Use Usage Application Special Feature
concentration Temperature Method
NR-SR  Rust and scale, Crude oil sludge removal  3~10%  Above Room T.~   Circulation, spray, Immersion All metal  Pump Jack water pipe line scale removal   Safe for copper 
NR-OPC  Crude oil and water separation  0.01~0.7%  50~70℃  Circulation, spray, Immersion All metal   Crude oil and water separation 
NR-504  Rust and contaminants removal  3∼5%  Above 70℃  Circulation, spray,  Immersion Steel/Alloy steel  Crude oil equipment  cleaning 
NR-2208  Crude oil, oil sludge cleaner  0.7∼20%  Above Room T.~  Circulation, spray, Immersion All metal   Crude Oil pipe cleaning 
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