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Nurichemicals household product is bio-degradable and harmless neutral cleaner for typical household. It is eco-friendly product with almost no skin irritation and no hazardous chemical.

Product Use Usage Application
N- CLEANER  Automatic dishwasher detergent  1∼3g/1ℓ water  High penetration performance 
R- CLEANER  Automatic dishwasher rinse   0.2∼0.5g/1ℓ water  Recontamination prevention 
S- CLEANER  Silver ware cleaning and polish  Immersion and rinse/2∼5sec.    High gloss 
TOP- CLEANER(Powder)  Laundry detergent  10g/1ℓ water  High solubility and washing performance 
TOP- CLEANER (Liquid)  Laundry detergent Oil and soil removal  15g/1ℓ water  High solubility and washing performance 
NR-1001+  Dishwashing detergent  General Household detergent  2∼3g/1ℓ water  Safe on the body 
NURI- CLEANER  Carbon removal  Oil and smut on grill removal  5∼20% / Above 60℃  Baked soil on grill and oven removal 
NURI- CLEANER A Nonferrous metal cleaning  5∼20% / Above 60℃  Anti-corrosion  
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